Our Services

A)  Corporates

Types of programs: Product launches, Sales meetings, Team building activities, Medical conferences, Sales force meeting, Brand meeting, Cycle meeting, Weekly and Scientific meetings…etc


Our Services throughout

·         Hotel sourcing, negotiating, and contracting

·         Transportation to and from airports, and/or during the days of the program

·         Production and management of all meeting materials if requested from our side

·         Providing speakers

·         Analyzing budget involved

·         Audio visual

·         Total logistical management

·         Planning and management of breakout and general sessions

·         Selection and management of all food and beverage

·         Complete on-site program management

·         Pre and Post Tours

·         Registration procedures on site and on line


B)   Incentives

Group and Individual Incentives: Great incentive programs are not just a way to celebrate success in an exotic location, they are a proven investment in your entire team which increase sales, improves employee as well as customer loyalty, rewards productivity, motivates your entire team and cultivates meaningful interaction between senior management and employees or your customers.

Our Services throughout  

·         Hotel sourcing, negotiating, and contracting

·         Team Building activities

·         Treasure hunt activities

·         Responsible tourism activities where your travel makes a difference

·         Finding the perfect destination to motivate your employees

·         Teasers before and after

·         Transportation

·         Curators if needed in certain locations to accompany group or individual

·         Production and management of all program materials

·         Attendee and VIP management

·         Total logistical management

·         Plan and manage all receptions, group activities and optional tours

·         Plan and manage all entertainment and décor elements

·         Create and manage all food and beverage

·         Complete on-site program management

·         Working according to budget



Every event is a unique opportunity to impact your audience, amplify your message and create an impression that lasts.


Event Examples: Gala Dinners, Welcome reception, Product Launching, On/Off Property Events, Grand Opening, and Themed Parties.


Our Services throughout:

  • venue sourcing,
  • themes
  • AV equipment
  • selection and management of food and beverage elements
  • analysis of budget
  •  registration,
  • All kind of transportation

D) Our Story:

Discovery Bespoke evolved from the desire that we have to personalize each trip with experiences that are unique, authentic, and a million miles far from mass tourism. This is a feat that we believe computers won’t be able to deliver for generations to come – an art that’s best left to true travel specialists. Bespoke the name we admire, represent our relentless search for the unique and the original. We always operate with the highest integrity, we believe in open and honest communications with our clients and our specialist partners. We treat others the way we want to be treated as if we are the ones traveling.

Our mission is to deliver authenticity, life-changing experiences that can have a positive impact on all our customers giving them a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for different cultures around the world. We organize experiences around themes or passions curated by experts who help us in designing our experiences, connect to local personalities to understand deeper and more.

Our operating philosophy is about authenticity, having a positive impact on places and deliver life-changing experiences for all our clients.

Our passions that we promote is about the following subjects and underneath each subject we have different sub-topics.

·         Art and Design

·         Food and Wine

·         History and Religion

·         Nature and Environment

·         Adventure

·         Culture and Entertainment

·         Social issues

How the above works

·         Tell us about your ideal trip and the kind of experiences you’d like to include.

·         Our travel specialists will be in contact with you on exchange emails, consultation to better understand your specific interests and vacation preferences. Crafting your unique itinerary and activity proposal.

·         After your itinerary is refined to perfection, we will book and confirm all the services and coordinate all logistics.

·         After your trip we will ask you to write us a review to evaluate all the services that was given to you through us.